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White Roof Coating 10 Years Warranty

RubberTop® Roof Coating is an ecological roof coating fabricated with recycled rubber tires. Designed to reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays. Perfect for extreme tropical environments, which are exposed to some of the hottest and wettest weather with intense UV exposure. Extreme durability, and superior capabilities of sealing and protection.
Coverage: 85 SQ. FT. per 1 GAL. per Coat.

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Base Coat Xtra Concentrated Sealer

RubberTop® Xtra Concentrated Sealer 100% Acrylic. ​For an excellent waterproofing performance, apply one base coat of RubberTop® Xtra Concentrated Sealer. Mix with 1.4 gallons of H2O. ​
Use One 25 Fl. Oz. bottle of RubberTop® Xtra Concentrated Sealer for every Two (5.0 Gal.) buckets of RubberTop® Roof Coating
12 Unit case

Rubberized Patch

For an excellent waterproofing performance, apply RubberTop® Rubberized Patch to seal fasteners, cracks, and leaks. ​Use reinforcing fabric cut in 6 inch wide strips, all across damaged area. Allow repairs to dry before applying RubberTop® Roof Coating.
Use One 25 Fl. Oz. bottle of RubberTop® Rubberized Patch for every Two (5.0 Gal.) buckets of RubberTop® Roof Coating.
12 Unit case

Rubbertop® White Roof Coating Pallet

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10 year warranty

48 Units.

RubberTop® Assets

Environmentally friendly product.
10 year warranty.
Does not require any reinforcing fabric.
Adheres on all surfaces.
Heat, cold, humidity and noise insulation.
Resistant to climate changes, impacts, and cracks.
Protects against weather conditions and UV rays.
Lowers roof and interior temperatures.
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Many roof coatings accomplish the same end result, but RubberTop® Roof Coating beats competitors con ease of Application, Environmental Awareness, and Cost.
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