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RubberTop® Assets

Environmentally friendly product.
10 year warranty.
Does not require any reinforcing fabric.
Adheres on all surfaces.
Heat, cold, humidity and noise insulation.
Resistant to climate changes, impacts, and cracks.
Protects against weather conditions and UV rays.
Lowers roof and interior temperatures.

RubberTop VS competitors

Best value
White Roof Coating

10 year warranty


10 year warranty

Roof Mate
Top Coat

10 year warranty


10 year warranty

Why is RubberTop®
Your Best Option?

  • 1
    Leak Prevention
    RubberTop® Rubberized Roof Coating is an effective sealant against leak-prone roofs (e.g. flat-top roofs).
  • 2
    Energy Efficient
    RubberTop® Roof Coating reflects light to keep climate controlled air inside and reduce air conditioning and heating costs.
  • 3
    Noise Prevention
    RubberTop® Roof Coating reflects sound waves from noisy metropolitan areas from penetrating the building.
  • 4
    Easy to Apply
    RooberTop® can be applied easily with roller or airless sprayer, application does not require any reinforcing fabric.
  • 5
    Environmentally Conscious
    RubberTop® products are derived from recycled rubber tires, which reduces landfill waste and harmful toxins.
  • 6
    Cost Effective
    Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to sell RubberTop® at a minimum 30% discount than competitors.

Why is RubberTop® Better Than the Competition?

Many roof coating accomplish the same end result, but RubberTop® beats competitors on ease of Application, Cost, and Environmental Awareness.

Easy to

  • Can be applied by Roller or Airless Sprayer.
  • Unlike our competitors it does not require any reinforcing fabric.


  • Our most popular product sells at a retail cost of $59.99 per 5 gallon bucket.
  • The next cheapest comparable product from our competitors retails at $89.99 per 5 gallon bucket
  • Thanks to our process we have savings of 30% per 5 gallon bucket.


  • Our products are manufactured using recycled rubber tires, which reduces landfill waste and toxins released from disposing of tires.
  • RubberTop® is a non-toxic product with inputs that consist of 30% rubber tire, 20% water, 40% resin and 10% additives
  • Our company is certified by the International Organization of Standarization with zero complaints with the Consumer Bureau.