How to Apply

Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to apply each one of our products.

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Steps for


Step 1

Remove all previous roof coating products.

Clear any remaining dust, dirt, grease, debris, and any other material that may prevent proper adhesion.

Do not apply if there is a forecast of rain in the next 48 hours or if it rained 48 hours prior to application. Ideal temperature for application is between 40ºF and 100ºF.
Step 2

Apply a base coat of RubberTop® Concentrated Primer.

Add 1.4 gallons of water and mix thoroughly. Approximate Coverage 400 Sq. Ft. Apply by Roller or Airless Sprayer. Base Coating must be fully dry before applying RubberTop® Roof Coating.
Step 3

Apply RubberTop® Rubberized Patch to seal fasteners, cracks, and leaks.

Use reinforcing fabric cut in 6 inch wide strips, all across damaged area.
Allow repairs to dry before applying RubberTop® Roof Coating.
Step 4

Apply RubberTop® Roof Coating: Mix Thoroughly!

Apply by Roller or Airless Sprayer. Do not add water!

Apply first coat:
Apply coatings evenly taking stroker in one direction, going North and South or East and West.

Recoating: After first coat is fully dry, apply second coat at a right angle to the first coat. If you went North and South the first time, go East and West the second.

Must Apply Two Coats!