How to Apply

Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to apply each one of our products.

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Steps for


Step 1

Remove all previous roof coating products.

Clear any remaining dust, dirt, grease, debris and any other material that may prevent proper adhesion.

Do not apply if there is a forecast of rain in the next 48 hours or if it rained 48 hours prior to application. Ideal temperature for application is between 40ºF and 100ºF.
Step 2

Apply a base coat of RubberTop® Xtra Concentrated Sealer.

Add 1.4 gallons of water and mix thoroughly. (Approximate Coverage 400 Sq. Ft.). Apply by Roller or Airless Sprayer. Base Coating must be fully dry before applying RubberTop® Roof Coating.
Step 3

Apply RubberTop® Rubberized Patch to seal fasteners, cracks and leaks.

Use reinforcing fabric cut in 6 inch wide strips, all across damaged area.
Allow repairs to dry before applying RubberTop® Roof Coating.
Step 4

Apply RubberTop® Roof Coating: Mix Thoroughly!

Apply by Roller or Airless Sprayer. Do not add water!

Apply first coat:
Apply coatings evenly taking stroker in one direction, going North and South or East and West.

Recoating: After first coat is fully dry, apply second coat at a right angle to the first coat, if you went North and South the first time, go East and West the second.

Must Apply Two Coats!