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We’re a family owned business looking after our future generations.

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Gallons of roof coating produced
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Recycled tires
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Our business started with a purpose.


All of our products were designed keeping in mind a true ecological and environmentally factor so that we could make this a better place to live.

Where are we heading?

With every sale we help our plant, so without of a doubt, we´re looking to reach a global market keeping in mind a affordable and environmentally friendly product

Great Support

We´ve had an awesome support from many distribuitors from all around who believe in our goal and our product.

Our team

Each one of our team members play an important part in helping us make this a better world to live in.

Our manufacturing process reduces landfill waste and toxins released from disposing of tires.

RubberTop is a privately owned company manufacturer and distributor of high quality and low-cost ecological roof coatings made from recycled rubber tires. Our products are designed with the primary intent to prevent leaks on commercial and residential buildings.
Our roof coating is a non-toxic product with inputs that consist of 30% rubber tire, 20% H20, 40% high quality resins, and 10% additives. We´re certified by the international organization for standarization with zero complaints with Consumer Bureau in RubberTop's history.
We´re all a team

Distribuitors are like family to us

Once you become a distribuitor you´re part of a huge family which helps one another. Our family extends internationally with distribuition points all across America.
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